What Is a Quick Plot Summary of "Macbeth?"

"Macbeth" follows the title character's ill-fated journey from a comfortable position as a prominent soldier to that of a murderous king who is killed shortly after taking the throne. This is a classic tale of greed, ego, morality and the dangers of lust for power.

"Macbeth," sometimes referred to as "the Scottish play" by superstitious theatre types, is a famous masterwork by William Shakespeare. The play, which is supposedly based on a true story, tells the tale of Macbeth, a prominent and powerful soldier who receives a prophecy predicting that he will one day become king. This prophecy kicks off a series of bloody and tragic events with Macbeth seemingly losing his sanity to a lust for power. His descent into madness is arguably hastened by Lady Macbeth, his scheming wife, who suggests that her husband should kill the king to take his throne. Though he is crowned king after committing regicide, Macbeth ends up dead soon after.