What Questions Should Be Included in a Discussion Guide for 'Frindle' by Andrew Clements?


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Some of the primary questions that should be included in a discussion guide for "Frindle" include why words take on the meanings they do, and how words are chosen in the first place. The book almost promotes discussion on creativity and free thought.

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The plot of "Frindle" follows Nick Allen, a trouble-making fifth grader, who decides to start calling pens "frindles." At first, this is just a harmless prank, but the concept soon catches on, and a debate begins in the media about the new name for pens. The concept of the book deals with the nuances of language, and students should consider what the consequences could be for changing other words. If chaos can be caused by changing a word as simple as "pen," students should question what changing a more important word could do.

"Frindle" also deals with the concept of original thinking, and students should also be questioned on other words to rename, and what words would cause the most confusion if renamed. Students can examine this question by secretly renaming words, and having other students guess what they mean. The ultimate point of "Frindle" is sometimes how ridiculous and arbitrary naming conventions are, and the book should teach students to question things taken for granted, such as why things are called what they're called.

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