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Quaver's Marvelous World of Music, awarded the Parents' Choice Gold Award in 2011, is good for kids as it makes a comprehensive, interactive music program available to students even in places where funding for music education is not available. Its creative use of technology engages students in music education by providing a range of interactive options, such as Q-composing and Q-strumming, while providing easily accessed teacher support. Quaver's resources are integrated with national educational standards, linking content to other subjects.

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Quaver's 15 DVD series includes 30 lessons arranged in four units covering music theory, instruments, composers and music history, and different styles of music. These lessons and the interactive options available on the Quaver website are intended to supplement a teacher's in-classroom efforts. On the website, the Quaver character leads students through their explorations as they compose music, play different instruments or choreograph dances.

According to Amy Burns on MusTech.net, music educators love Quaver. Testimonials from teachers using Quaver resources indicate that students love Quaver, too. They also note the ease of its smart board technology, the printable lesson plans and worksheets. An experienced music educator, Donna Barrick of Spartanburg, South Carolina, praises Quaver as it helps her make optimal use of technology to engage students and also to track student progress.

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