How Do You Put a Personal Ad in a Newspaper?

How Do You Put a Personal Ad in a Newspaper?

To put a personal ad in a newspaper, first write the personal ad, and then look in the newspaper for the phone number, website or address of the classifieds editor. Contact the editor to request to have the ad placed in the paper. Many newspapers require fees to post personal ads.

Placing a personal ad in a newspaper is not technically difficult, but it requires a degree of vulnerability and admitting that one is "alone." This may be difficult to do, considering that the personals section is sometimes referred to as the "lonely hearts column." With the right words, however, a personal ad can spark a connection.

Personal ads are placed for people who desire romantic or platonic relationships or for casual sex. Because there is risk involved in placing one's name out there, many people choose not to identify themselves directly. Instead, people use pseudonyms or acronyms to state who they are and what they seek.

As with all writing, it is important for the writer of a personal ad to consider audience and desired impression. In this case, the audience is the general public or the readers of the newspaper. The desired impression is attractiveness. Therefore, it is important to be honest but positive. There is no need to mention one's shortcomings in the ad; instead, highlight positive personal qualities such as physical attractiveness, intelligence, kindness or a sense of humor.

After the ad is written, be sure to proofread it more than once, and then select the desired newspaper and request to have it printed.