How Do You Publish an E-Book?

How Do You Publish an E-Book?

To publish an e-book, start by preparing the book in a professional format. Then, choose which distributor to sell the e-book through, and set the price of the book. Once published, market the book to increase sales and gain readers.

  1. Prepare the book for publishing

    To prepare an e-book for publishing, it needs to go through editing. If possible, have a professional editor check the book over. The cover design comes next. The cover is the first thing readers see when looking at the book, so make sure to have a quality cover. Finally, put the book in HTML format to make it readable on e-reading devices. There are special programs available for download to help with this if necessary.

  2. Choose where to publish

    There are many markets available for those looking to self-publish e-books. As of 2014, some include Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, BookBaby and Barnes and Noble. Choose the market, or markets, that work best for your needs. Then, upload the book to the chosen market.

  3. Price and market it

    Most markets will let you price the e-book. Choose the price, and publish the book so it's available to the public. After publishing, market the book through social media, special promotions or by sending out newsletters.