What Publications Offer a Daily Fishing Report?

There are no publications like newspapers or magazines that print daily fishing reports as of 2015, but anglers can get the information from some websites like Jennette's Pier in Nag Head and Little River Outfitters. Sites like these give local information about the fishing conditions and what is biting. The sites carrying this information will differ from one area to another.

Jennette's Pier gives daily reports of the specific species of fish that are biting at the pier as well as the water temperature and the times of the high and low tides on JennettesPier.net. The tide can play a large factor in what types of fish are biting and the type of bait needed when fishing the ocean. The water temperature is also important because it can change the depth at which the fish are swimming. Jennette's Pier updates the website daily, whereas many fishing websites and publications update weekly or sometimes monthly.

Little River Outfitters updates its fishing report daily for fly fishing at LittleRiverOutfitters.com. For fly fishing, water current can be very important because of how the bait moves in the water and how the current will carry it. The stream flow is measured in cubic feet per second to help fly fishermen understand the full fishing conditions. The temperature plays a factor as well because trout bite better when the water is warm enough for feeding.