What Publications Feature Articles on Animal Science?

What Publications Feature Articles on Animal Science?

Publications with articles about animal science include the Journal of Animal Science, Animal Frontiers, Animal Genetics, Livestock Science and the International Journal of Poultry Science. The American Society of Animal Science also publishes articles and newsletters on its website.

The Journal of Animal Science, published by the American Society of Animal Science, annually publishes over 600 peer reviewed articles related to animal science. The journal is published monthly, with archived and new articles appearing on its website.

Animal Frontiers is published jointly by four international animal science societies, including the American Society of Animal Science, and focuses on publishing articles to promote and disseminate information relating to animal science and animal agriculture. The journal primarily includes invited peer reviewed articles and editions generally have a central theme. The journal is available in print and online.

Animal Genetics publishes articles related to genetic research on economically important and domesticated animals. Beginning with the 2015 edition, the journal publishes online only.

Livestock Science publishes peer reviewed and other articles relating to the livestock segment of animal science, with topics as diverse as genetics, ethics, nutrition and production systems.

The International Journal of Poultry Science is limited in scope to animal science articles related to poultry, including genetics, reproduction and production. The free journal is available only online.