How Do You Find Public Domain Books?

How Do You Find Public Domain Books?

There are many resources for finding free public domain books online. Some websites are completely dedicated to providing free e-books, while other online retail stores may have a special section for public domain works. Specialized e-readers often provide links to free books.

  1. Determine if a specific work is available

    If you are looking for a specific title, determine first whether it is eligible for public domain status. As of 2014, books copyrighted before 1923 are in the public domain, along with others that adhere to a number of other stipulations and exceptions. Rules vary outside the United States, as well.

  2. Find a source list

    There are a number of online venues that serve as directories for public domain websites. Some sites specialize in certain book types or genres, but many provide a wide variety of works.

  3. Check Project Gutenburg

    Project Gutenburg was founded by the inventor of e-books, Michael Hart, in 1971. The Gutenburg website offers over 46,000 free e-book downloads, as of 2014. If you can't find a book there, it may not be offered as a public domain book.

  4. Check your e-reader

    If you are using a special e-reader, such as a Kindle, some downloads of public domain books may be found in a store search. Amazon offers a variety of free Kindle books under public domain status.