What Is the Psychology Behind "The Nature of Truth"?


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"The Nature of Truth" by Sergio Troncoso deals with explorations of righteousness and evil. The two main characters strive to reveal the truth of another character, but their quests have unforeseen consequences. Reviews say that Troncoso challenges the reader to see both the similarities and differences between good and evil in the pursuit of truth.

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Prime Number Journal reviews "The Nature of Truth" by saying that Troncoso examines and questions the actual nature of truth. He also explores different types of truths, such as racially defined truths, intellectually constructed truths, and truths based on strict definitions of right and wrong. Troncoso questions truth through his characters, not leaving the reader behind when they take their quests beyond good and evil.

An example character is Rosselli. Obsessed with the sterile data of criminology, he lacks the understanding to delve into the mind of a criminal. His truth becomes one of idealism and keeps him from identifying the real killer. Instead, he allows an innocent man to be tortured by thugs.

A Janus Head reviewer points out that Troncoso never makes the conflicts between his various characters' truths too obvious to the reader. He presents each truth with fairness and subtlety, allowing the reader to decide for himself the nature of truth.

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