Who Are Some Prominent Cast Members on "Swamp People?"?


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Swamp People has had many different cast members over its six seasons. However, the ones who have been on the show consistently from the beginning are Troy Landry, Jacob Landry, Joe LaFont, Tommy Chauvin and Bruce Mitchell.

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Troy Landry is known as the King of the Swamp, and he takes that role very seriously. Jacob Landry captains Troy Landry's second boat. Joe LaFont and Tommy Chauvin lost their homes to Hurricane Isaac and have spent the years since then trying to rebuild their lives in the swamp. Bruce Mitchell also had a tough time in season six but was able to salvage his business by the end of the season.

Swamp People is a show on the History Channel that, as of July 2015, has been running for six seasons. The show chronicles the real lives of alligator hunters in the Louisiana bayou. Recent rains and hurricanes have raised water levels, which enables the alligators to venture further inland to seek their prey. The Swamp People must venture out into the swamp to hunt the alligators in order to protect their families and communities, to earn a living and for a chance to win the $10,000 reward for killing the biggest alligator.

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