How Does Project Free TV Keep on Coming Back After It Is Shut Down?


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Changing the domain name allows Project Free TV to come back after it is shut down. Project Free TV is an illegal TV streaming site. It functions in a legal gray area as it does not host any videos on its site but provides links to websites that stream pirated recordings of TV shows. It claims no responsibility for the legality of the content on the website to which it directs its users.

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As of January 2016, it's illegal to stream, download and share copyrighted content without proper permissions. Copyright holders have numerous times petitioned to the court to have Internet service providers block illegal video streaming websites. Since November 2013, Project Free TV has been blocked in the United Kingdom.

Project Free TV was shut down in July 2015. The owners of the website did not give any reasons for the shutdown. Project Free TV resurfaced with a different domain name in November 2015. The owners cited legal issues with respect to link exchange and linking sites as the reason for shutting down the service. Irrespective of the claims the website made, it is still an illegal streaming website.

There are many agencies, both private and government, that are on constant lookout for illegal streaming websites and downloaders. Getting caught results in a hefty fine and is punishable by law. Hence, it is in the best interest of the viewers to choose legal streaming options to watch TV shows and movies online.

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