What Programs Are Featured on the Do It Yourself Network?

Some of the top programs on the Do It Yourself Network are "Rehab Addict," "Garage Gold" and "Lake Life." The DIY Network offers programming to help homeowners to repair, redecorate and remodel their homes by themselves, without the added cost of paying contractors and other workers.

"Rehab Addict" follows Nicole Curtis as she works to repair condemned homes in the Detroit and Minneapolis areas. She works with city officials and a small crew to save these homes from being torn down. She offers viewers tips on changing floor plans and quick fixes. As of 2015, the show is entering its sixth season.

"Garage Gold" follows the family business Garage Brothers. They visit people's homes and clear all the junk out of garages, attics and basements. They keep all of the items they find and make a profit selling it themselves. They also help homeowners convert their empty spaces into useful rooms.

"Lake Life" gives viewers insight into the lives of the Herman brothers as they build unique lake houses that are perfect for people who love fishing. The brothers have been fishing for their entire lives and offer viewers tips on how to improve their homes into suitable fishing outposts