What Is the Program "Gold Rush" About on the Discovery Channel?


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Discovery Channel's "Gold Rush" television show follows six men who try to strike it rich mining for gold in Alaska. While risking their family, dignity and lives, they attempt to harness the valuable element in Alaska's wild, dangerous and unpredictable terrain.

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Todd Hoffman, of Sandy, Oregon, spearheads the group of six miners trying to earn money in southeast Alaska's Porcupine Creek. Once his aviation business declines, he ventures for new ways to make dough. Inspired by his father's gold hunting pursuits, he rounds up a rag tag team of men who are all financially constrained and looking for work. The group includes a sheet-metal worker, a realtor, a mechanic and a construction worker willing to risk their lives in pursuit of gold. Hoffman can't pay the men until the team finds the precious resource.

Braving Mother Nature's challenges of weather, terrain and fauna, the men seek to find gold before winter arrives. Where the series takes place, Porcupine Creek, grizzly bears, moose and salmon can be seen daily, creating some close encounters. But the promise of gold lures them into these dangers. Geologists estimate $250 billion worth of gold in the area, and Hoffman is on a mission to find it. With the rate of gold discoveries in Alaska on the rise over the past two decades, the team works hard to a successful part of history in this new age of gold rush.

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