What Are Some Products Typically Sold Through TV Infomercials?


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Some products typically sold through television infomercials include clothing accessories, kitchen tools, exercise equipment and personal care products such as creams or grooming devices. Companies also use infomercials to sell cleaning supplies and devices, specialty tools and health programs that may include visual aids such as DVDs.

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Though the products that appear on infomercials vary across multiple industries and mediums, in many cases they share the common trait of solving a unique problem for consumers. For example, the Snuggie solves the problem of staying warm while retaining mobility to operate electronic devices or move the arms to interact with other items in the home. Similarly, the ShamWow enables customers to clean a variety of surfaces within the home more efficiently and effectively without the use of additional items. In both cases, it is also easy for the consumer to see the ways in which the products solve the problem, thus making the infomercial an effective advertising tool.

Exercise equipment is also a common product sold through infomercials because of the ability for consumers to see both the process for using it and its supposed results. The infomercials for these products typically begin by establishing the customer's desire to get into shape or lose weight as well as the difficulty in accomplishing these tasks. They then proceed to demonstrate the ease of use of the product, including the fact that they function within the home, and show the change in appearance of other users.

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