What Are Some Products That Have Been Investigated on "7 On Your Side"?


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Some products that have been investigated on the San Francisco/Oakland's ABC 7 news segment "7 On Your Side" include the best leaf blowers of 2015, alternatives to hamburgers, Ultra HD TVs and tire treads. "7 On Your Side" utilizes Consumer Reports that are published by Consumers Union, a nonprofit organization. Other products include a free app that helps people prepare for disasters, lawnmowers, standing desks and toys that may be dangerous.

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The best leaf blowers of 2015 reviewed by "7 On Your Side" are noted as those equivalent to the job that needs done. For example, if the job requires a lot of leaves to be moved in a hurry, then a roll-around leaf blowing unit is the way to go; however, handheld gas units are able to complete the majority of jobs and are less expensive.

A few more examples of "7 On Your Side" findings include the testing of 12 alternatives to hamburgers, which led to the conclusion that many did not have the same flavor or texture as beef. Out of those tested, Morningstar Farms Grillers Original veggie-style burgers ranked the highest and are cited as being more meat-like. Consumer Reports suggestions on Ultra HD TVs leaned toward holding off on buying for about a year until prices drop. The free app that helps people prepare for disaster is cited as being quick and easy to use.

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