What Is the Procedure for Submitting Art Projects to the Artsonia Museum?

What Is the Procedure for Submitting Art Projects to the Artsonia Museum?

The first step is for parents to register on Artsonia and create a personal gallery for their child. Signing up is free, and the account keeps all of the child's uploaded artwork under his screen name.

Once registered, more artwork may be uploaded by just logging in. To submit artwork, parents must take a digital picture of it and upload the file to the website. Any type of artwork is welcome, including handmade drawings and paintings, and even computer-aided works using software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

When taking photos of the work, note that Artsonia is strict about including identifiable human subjects, especially children. Also, since the age range of registered students on the website is from 2 to 18, Artsonia does not allow artwork that is deemed inappropriate for young children. This includes nudity and violence, among others.

Once the artwork has been uploaded, the public may view it through the child's online gallery. Comments may be posted to praise the child's work and boost his motivation and confidence. However, all comments must first get the approval of the registered parent before being publicly posted to avoid inappropriate content.

Each artist has a fan club, which is usually comprised of family and friends who are subscribed to the child's art gallery. Members are notified whenever new work is uploaded.