What Is the Procedure for Downloading Online Children's Stories?

Each website that allows individuals to download books for free has different procedures. On each website, it's important to read the About Us or Terms and Conditions page to find out the criteria for downloading books.

FreeKidsBooks.org, for example, asks that users share the books with others, provide feedback on its website or like its Facebook page. In addition to the website's procedures for downloads, users must also be mindful of the authors' individual restrictions for use.

Individuals must search an entire site to see its terms and conditions. These may be explicitly noted on a dedicated page or may be available on the bottom of the site's main page or in another location. Common terms for use include not allowing those that download books to reproduce or transmit the material without the author's permission. Some sites may also permit use of logos and other materials for points of reference to the site.

Many downloadable books are available in .pdf format. Individuals must ensure that they have Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded onto their computers, which they can obtain from Adobe International. Other formats include audio, hardcover and Kindle editions. Some books may also be accompanied by coloring pages, puzzles and other supplementary activities.