How Do You Find Private Channels for Roku?

How Do You Find Private Channels for Roku?

Private Roku channels are on websites such as, and There are no private channels listed in the channel store on the Roku website.

Channels may be private because they have adult content, are in a testing phase or may be targeting a limited audience. Roku includes more than 1,500 public channels, as of December 2015. These include free channels, rental content and subscription-based channels. Roku adds new channels regularly.

Roku users add private channels manually through After finding a list of available private channels and getting channel codes, users sign into their account, go to their My Account page and select Manage Account. Then, they select Add a Private Channel, enter the private channel’s access code and choose Add Channel.

For private channels still airing on Roku, the channel logo appears. Users select Yes and Add Channel. After this process, users must update all channels in the Roku device settings or wait for an automatic Roku update before the newly added private channels are available. Some sites that list private channels let users add them through the channel-listing website.

Sometimes, users get an error message after adding a private channel code. The code may have changed or the channel discontinued. Private channels come and go frequently.