How Do You Print Tessellation Patterns?


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Tessellation patterns are available to download and print from websites such as SuperColoring.com and SENTeacher.org, as of 2015. Tesselation tile patters available on these sites include honeycombs, triangles, parallelograms, oblongs and animals such as birds and fish.

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To access printable tessellation patterns on SuperColoring.com, click Coloring Pages from the top menu bar, then click Arts & Culture. From there, select Tessellations to view the available patterns. Click on a pattern of interest, and then click the print button to send the pattern to a printer. Alternatively, the website provides the option to color a pattern online if a printer is unavailable. The site provides 25 tesselation designs.

The printables section of SENTeacher.org features a link to view Mathematics Printables. From this page, select the Tiling Patterns category to access tessellation patterns to print. In the appropriate boxes, check a preferred tile pattern, tile size and tile color. Then, press the download button to save the pattern to the computer, or press the print button to send it directly to the printer.

A tessellation is a design consisting of flat shapes in such a pattern that they completely cover a surface without overlapping. MathIsFun.com provides a Tessellation Artist tool that allows users to create their own patterns.

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