How Do You Print Information on Notepads?

How Do You Print Information on Notepads?

To print information on notepads in Microsoft Word, click the page layout tab. Next, change the margin sizes to match the size of your notepad pages. Add a stack of them to your printer, and then hit Print.

Before you begin printing information on your notepad, you need to determine your printer's capability. Not all printers can handle printing on notepads, so test your printer out by doing a test page. During this stage, do not worry about the formatting of your pages. You are only concerned about whether the paper will go through your printer without creating a paper jam.

Align the notepad by moving the pages around in your printer's paper tray. This helps you determine which position in the tray works best for your printer to detect them.

Next, choose a word processing program to use for this task. Microsoft Word already has preset margin sizes, which makes it the easiest program to format your document. Make sure you know which version of Microsoft Word you are using, because different versions require different steps to change margin sizes. Check Microsoft Word's help forum to get specific instructions based on your version of the program.

Select a preset size, or manually enter the margin size of your notepad paper. Measure the size of your notepad with a basic inches ruler. You can also check the original notepad packaging because it often lists the exact size of the paper on it.