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“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” is an action film which features a prince and princess trying to prevent an evil villain from obtaining an ancient dagger. The dagger contains magic sand, known as the Sands of Time, a gift from the gods that reverses time and allows whoever possesses it to rule the world. Together the prince and princess must race against dark forces trying to stop them from returning the dagger to the gods.

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The film's setting is in the land of Persia where king Sharaman rules the nation with his brother Nizam. The king has two sons, Tus and Garsiv, and one day adopts an orphan boy named Dastan. Later in the film Dastan is a grown man with a rebellious attitude, but he remains faithful to the empire. Nizam finds out that the city of Alamut is supplying weapons to Persian enemies, and he plans to attack the city with Tus and Garsiv. Ignoring his orders, Dastan travels to Alamut with a friend to destroy the city and finds the dagger.

The princess of Alamut, Tamina, finds out Dastan possesses the dagger, and together they leave Persia, after people accuse Dastan of murdering the king. Nizam, the film’s villain, learns about the dagger’s location and makes it his mission to obtain its powers.

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