Who Are the Primary Characters in "Every Witch Way?"?

The main characters in "Every Witch Way" are Emma Alonso, Daniel Miller, Diego Rueda, Maddie Van Pelt and Andi Cruz. Other lead characters are Sophie Johnson and Katie Rice.

Emma Alonso is the main protagonist of the series and also the most powerful witch, earning her the nickname, The Chosen One. Alonso is played by Puerto Rican-born actress, Paola Andino. Andino moved to the U.S. at the age of three and began acting classes at the age of ten. Before landing her role in "Every Witch Way," she had a lead role in the television movie "Beyond the Blackboard" and a guest role on the television series, "Grey's Anatomy."

Diego Rueda is another character on the show that has special powers. Rueda has the ability to freeze people with his hands, one of the gifts of being a Churi Kanay, someone who has control of elements such as Earth, Wind and Fire. Throughout the series, he dates another lead character, Maddie Van Pelt, and works at fine tuning his special abilities.

Rueda is played by actor Tyler Alvarez. Alvarez has also had roles in "Orange is the New Black," "Taila in the Kitchen," "The House that Jack Built" and "Color in Arms."