Who Are Some of the Primary Cast Members of "Hell on Wheels"?

Who Are Some of the Primary Cast Members of "Hell on Wheels"?

Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Common and Robin McLeavy are some of the primary cast members of "Hell on Wheels" American TV show. Phil Burke, Christopher Heyerdahl and Dohn Norwood are also important member of the show's cast.

"Hell On Wheels" revolves around the character Cullen Bohannan, played by Anson Mount. As of 2015, Mount appears in more than 50 episodes, the most of any cast member. He studied acting at Michael Howard Studios in New York and is the descendant of a Confederate cavalry colonel. His character, a former Confederate officer, joined the railroad after seeking revenge for the murder of his wife and child.

Colm Meaney plays the role of Thomas "Doc" Durant. He is the second-most prominent character, appearring in 47 episodes. He is portrayed as a greedy entrepreneur who manages the railroad.

Common plays Elam Ferguson, a freed slave who rises through the railroad's ranks. Common appeared in 32 episodes until his character's death at the hand of Bohannan.

Robin McLeavy plays Eve, a former Indian captive turned prostitute turned business owner. She appears in 45 episodes.

Christopher Heyerdahl plays Thor Gundersen, also known as "The Swede." He is the show's primary antagonist and appears in 39 episodes.