What Are Some Price Estimates for New and Used Copies of "Le Nouveau Petit Robert?"?


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Price estimates for a new copy of "Le Nouveau Petit Robert" range from $197 to $206, while used copies range from $21 to $61, as of 2015. This is exclusive of an average shipping fee of $4. E-book versions range from $39 to $68.

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The variation in the cost of a used copy of "Le Nouveau Petit Robert" arises from the depreciation due to wear and tear. However, for a new copy, the price range is narrow because the material, distribution and inventory costs are almost similar for the different suppliers available.

In addition to purchasing the book, some book stores such as Academicbooks.dk offer free Internet access to the official website for a duration of one year. College students buying a hardcover enjoy free shipping for two days on Amazon.

The relatively high price is justified, since "Le Nouveau Petit Robert" is a comprehensive French dictionary with widespread use across Europe. A French version of "Le Nouveau Petit Robert" with a CD-ROM retails for $199. Purchasing multiple copies of the dictionary attracts a discounted price. Marketplace sellers tend to offer significantly lower prices for "Le Nouveau Petit Robert" in comparison to most online stores for a used copy of the French dictionary.

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