What Is the Premise of "The White Queen"?

“The White Queen” is a historical drama series based on Philippa Gregory’s “The Cousins’ War” series, which included “The White Queen,” “The Red Queen” and “The Kingmaker’s Daughter,” chronicling the lives of the Houses of Lancaster and York and the role that three women from those houses played in the Wars of the Roses. “The White Queen” focuses mainly on Queen Consort of England Elizabeth Woodville, wife of King Edward IV from 1464 to 1483.

“The White Queen” follows Elizabeth Woodville as she loses her Lancastrian husband in battle to the Yorks, only to marry King Edward IV from the House of York, setting off a series of events that leaves Edward’s crown in jeopardy. The show depicts Edward’s cousins’ attempts to dethrone him and declare his brother king.

The series stars Rebecca Ferguson as Elizabeth Woodville and Max Irons as Edward IV. The series aired in 10 parts on BBC One in the United Kingdom before Starz picked it up for broadcast in the United States in 2013. The show received several award nods, including nominations for a People’s Choice award, two Primetime Emmy awards and three Golden Globe awards. Although fans anticipated a second season, it has not come to fruition as of 2015.