What Is the Premise of "Supernatural"?


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The premise behind the television show "Supernatural" is that a father raised his two sons to hunt and kill evil supernatural creatures after some unknown supernatural being killed their mother during their childhood. The two brothers continue to fight against evil after their father also dies.

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Jensen Ackles stars as Dean Winchester, the older of the two evil-hunting brothers, while Jared Padalecki plays his younger brother Sam. Following the disappearance of their father in the show's first season, Sam begins developing psychic abilities and experiencing visions while the brothers search for their father. They eventually find their father, who then reveals to them that it was a demon named Azazel who killed their mother, and only a special gun named the Colt can destroy the demon.

The second season features the brothers mourning their father's death following a car crash and continuing their quest to kill Azazel. At the end of the season, they successfully kill Azazel, but much evil, including the demon's daughter, remains in the world for them to tackle.

As of 2015, "Supernatural" is still in production and has gone on for 10 seasons. Throughout the seasons, the brothers encounter a wide range of supernatural beings, including ghosts, vampires, Blood Mary and demons.

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