What Is the Premise of the Show "Survivor"?


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The premise of "Survivor" is that a number of contestants from across the United States are stranded in a remote location without aid. Once there, they must compete in a variety of tasks in order to win $1 million.

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Every season of "Survivor" is set in a different location, such as the Australian outback, the Philippines or Honduras. Seasons typically begin with the contestants split into two teams of equal sizes with a designation to distinguish them. Over the course of the season, the teams compete in a variety of tasks, and the losing team must often vote a player out of the game. In addition to challenge performances, personal interactions at the team camp influence the outcome of the vote.

The two teams are eventually combined into one, at which point the personal alliances made early in the game become even more significant. Challenges and eliminations continue until the game is reduced to two players, at which point they are judged by previously eliminated contestants. The game ends with the two remaining players arguing their case as to why they deserve to be declared the winner. The finale episode then features a reunion of the cast members back in the United States, as well as the declaration of the winner.

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