What Is the Premise of Power Rangers Samurai?


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The premise of "Power Rangers Samurai" is that a new generation of Power Rangers each gain the ability to master the skills of ancient samurai, taking control over an element. Under the direction of their devoted master, the rangers battle an evil force from the underworld and a samurai warrior set on destruction.

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On the show, monsters called the Nighlock invaded the world and plan on flooding it. It is up to the six new rangers to use the elements of fire, water, sky, forest, earth and light to defeat the threat once and for all. Each element is assigned to one ranger, forcing them all to work together in a tight-knit group to win. The rangers once more have a creative cast of adults and friends to assist them in their fight when things get bad.

"Power Rangers Samurai" is the 18th addition to the "Power Rangers" television show series. The samurai series aired on Nickelodeon in 2011 and wrapped up by 2012, with only 2 seasons split into 20 episodes per season. The series had a new infusion of fun and comedy, trying to stray from the serious tone always present in the previous series, "Jungle Force." The colors of the rangers were switched up again, introducing a gold ranger suit.

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