What Was the Premise of "Monster Garage"?


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"Monster Garage" featured teams of five people, each with vehicle expertise, who took ordinary vehicles and transformed them into machines with enhanced attributes. Teams that successfully built and tested their vehicles won expensive tool kits as a reward. Thom Beers created and produced the show in collaboration with Jesse James, who also hosted it. "Monster Garage" ran for five seasons, from June 23, 2002 to June 12, 2006 on Discovery Channel.

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The crew had to follow a set of rules to stay in the game, though the rules relaxed as the series advanced. Teams received funds of $3,000 for spare parts, which later increased to $5,000. They had seven days to complete the task; the first day for designing, the next five days for building and the last day for testing the vehicle. The host, Jesse James, destroyed all vehicles that did not perform satisfactorily or that were incomplete.

Brett Wagner, who went on to host "Pass Time" on Speed Channel, was the announcer on "Monster Garage." Invictus Games Ltd., and Impulse Games adapted the show into computer and Xbox games respectively. Meredith Books published a book about the show, and the MBI Publishing Company published a slew of "Monster Garage" instruction books.

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