What Is the Premise of Disney XD's "Lab Rats" Show?


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Disney XD's "Lab Rats" is about Leo Dooley, a 14 year old who discovers three bionic teenagers with super powers that were invented by his stepfather. He takes them out into the world, and they find themselves in adventurous situations while trying to live normal lives.

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Leo begins the series as a normal teenager without any powers. He's the team's strategic mission specialist. The three bionic teenagers are Adam, Bree and Chase. They were originally named subjects A, B and C based on the order of their creation, before being given names.

Adam isn't very intelligent, but he has super strength and laser vision. Bree's abilities include super speed, jumping very high, and sticking to walls and ceilings. Chase is extremely intelligence and is able to access an information database. He is the group's leader. Chase has strong senses, and he can take over the other lab rats in an emergency using his override application.

"Lab Rats" premiered in 2012. Originally called "Billion Dollar Freshman," its title changed when the pilot episode was re-shot. In the fourth season, the title of the show was changed to "Lab Rats: Bionic Island." The show is Disney XD's second original series to reach a fourth season.

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