What Are Some Poster Layout Ideas?


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The best poster designs are simple, eye-catching and easily understood by the designer's intended audience. Poster inspiration can come from looking at the colors, shapes, and designs that already exist in the world.

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Many poster designers get their best inspiration from the world around them. Life experiences, along with the color schemes of many diverse environments can provide an excellent starting point when designing a poster. One artist used his own life experience as a new father to design a poster for a client, using the color scheme of a baby's nursery to enhance the customer's product.

The best designs are simple and eye-catching. A poster featuring a few bold images is more memorable than one crowded with too many images to process. Poster layouts featuring a few images — perhaps even just one — stand out to viewers and convey the designer's message most clearly. Poster layouts should also be visible and easily understood at a variety of distances; the best posters are just as meaningful for someone viewing them at 50 feet as they are for someone viewing them at 5 feet.

Poster layouts are as diverse as the messages they express. Focus on keeping designs simple, bold, and clear. The poster medium allows for endless creativity in image choice and design.

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