What Are Some Popular Zane Grey Westerns?

Some of the most popular Zane Grey Westerns include "The Lone Star Ranger," "The Rainbow Trail," "The Man of the Forest," "Wanderer of the Wasteland" and "To the Last Man." His best-selling Western is "Riders of the Purple Sage."

Zane Grey began his career as a dentist who wrote on the side. His first novel was a historical tale entitled "Betty Zane," published in 1903. By 1910, Grey was publishing multiple novels a year and abandoned his dental practice. Though he often wrote about baseball and fishing, his Western novels helped establish the genre and are perennial best-sellers even today.

His work was often viewed harshly by critics who claimed his novels were too violent and that his portrayal of the West was sheer fantasy at best. His so-called "larger-than-life" characters became the basis for many protagonists of action novels beyond the Western genre.

Grey's work directly inspired over 100 films over the last century, including multiple film versions of "The Lone Star Ranger," "To the Last Man" and "Riders of the Purple Sage." His most popular novels, including "Wanderer of the Wastelands," "The Man of the Forest" and "Code of the West," have all enjoyed popularity as both books and movies.