What Are Some Popular Urban Legends?


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One popular urban legend is the legend of Bloody Mary, which is a myth claiming that a person looking in a mirror and yelling "Bloody Mary" three times summons a spirit named Mary. The Hookman is an urban legend that tells of a young couple killed by a hook-handed killer.

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In earlier versions of the Bloody Mary urban legend, an unmarried woman can either see her future husband's face or a skull if she is to die before she marries. However, this evolved into the gory legend of saying "Bloody Mary" to invoke a bleeding spirit named Mary. Some believe that the legend came from Queen Mary I, who had multiple miscarriages while she was queen.

The Hookman tale is of a young couple out for a drive when they hear on the radio that there is a hook-handed serial killer on the loose. When the couple get home they find a hook stuck in the back of their car. Other versions of the urban legend claim that the killer suspends the man above the car as his fingers scrape against the roof. This urban legend inspired the movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer," which features a hook-handed fisherman.

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