What Are Some Popular Univision Soap Operas?


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Some popular Univision soap operas include “Muchachitas,” “Soy Tu Duena” and “Marimar.” These telenovelas, or Spanish-language soap operas, were all popular with Univision viewers and are often recognized as some of the best Spanish soaps of all time.

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First airing in the early 1990s, “Muchachitas” outlined a pattern that many subsequent telenovelas followed, and many of its emerging actors went on to become major stars. The show told the story of four young girls attending an art academy, and the various trials they faced as they pursued their dreams. The show featured a diverse cast of characters, from humble rich girls to struggling social climbers.

The 2010 series “Soy Tu Duena” is one of Univision’s most popular telenovelas, receiving huge ratings and major support from viewers. The show stars Lucero as a wealthy heiress who moves to the country after being betrayed by her lover. Dealing in the requisite doses of drama, lies and love, the show’s star eventually finds love with a wealthy neighbor whose land she attempts to purchase.

Starring singer and actress Thalia, who also performs the show’s theme song, the 1990s telenovela “Marimar” was a major hit for Univision. The show’s eponymous protagonist is a poor girl who lives on the beach with her grandparents. When Marimar falls in love with a wealthy neighbor, the boy’s mother does everything she can to keep them apart, even resorting to murder.

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