What Are the Most Popular TV Dramas From Hong Kong?


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"The Bund," "War and Beauty," "Healing Hands and "A Kindred Spirit" are some examples of popular TV soap operas from Hong Kong. These are shows produced by Television Broadcasts Limited, one of Hong Kong's free TV networks.

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Described as Hong Kong's spin on "The Godfather," "The Bund" revolves around Ting Lik and Hui Man-keung in 1920s Shanghai. The show covers the lives of these characters and their families involved with the infamous Triad gang. Another classic family melodrama, "A Kindred Spirit," is known as being one of the longest-running soap operas after showing 1,128 episodes.

Set during the Qing Dynasty era, "War and Beauty" is a period drama that tackles the struggle of women in a patriarchal society. "Healing Hands," a medical drama, covered social issues as well and courted controversy when it introduced storylines that involved homosexuality and AIDS.

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