What Are Some Popular Themes of Mystical Color Your Own Posters?


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Mandala designs are perhaps the most popular choice for mystic-themed coloring posts. Stylized animal designs, geometric patterns, and scenes featuring fairies, unicorns and other mystical creatures are also popular among artists.

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Mandalas are symmetrical and typically circular designs representing the universe. Used in Hinduism and Buddhism as a focal point for meditation, the designs have become a common theme in coloring posters as coloring has gained popularity among adults as a meditative practice. Simple and more intricate mandala coloring poster designs can be found to suit different ability levels. Some designs stick to a traditional circular design, while others may integrate animal or floral images into a mandala.

Stylized animal pictures represent another genre of mystical coloring posters. These images typically feature intricate geometric designs or nature scenes depicted within the outline of an animal. Most animal coloring posters include a large amount of negative space around the design, simplifying the design for a colorist.

Other coloring posters feature complete scenes of mystical worlds. These posters may include magical beings such as unicorns, dragons or gnomes in settings such as gardens or medieval castles. These posters may feature more than one subject, and they are typically more intricate than mandala and animal designs. They may require more time to color and may appeal most to advanced colorists looking for a challenging poster.

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