What Are Some Popular Talk Radio Shows?


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Popular talk radio shows include "The Rush Limbaugh Show," "The Steve Cochran Show," and "Don Imus in the Morning." The Excellence in Broadcasting Network syndicates "The Rush Limbaugh Show" and "Don Imus in the Morning" in 35 states, as of November 2015.

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Popular radio talk shows air to both national and local audiences. For example, "The Steven Cochran Show" airs in Chicago and the show's subject matter often includes things of local interest, such as the Chicago Blackhawks. Other popular radio shows air in more than one market, and many popular shows air in many markets.

Popular radio shows come in a variety of formats. For example, host Al Franken mixes comedy with a discussion of political affairs. Erich Muller and Howard Stern bring an unpredictable and edgy flavor to their popular radio shows. Howard Stern's niche is satellite radio, rather than broadcast radio. In contrast, Bill Bennett is patient and reserved on his popular show, "Morning in America." Bennett sees his radio show as an opportunity to engage the American people in a national conversation, according to The War Room.

National Public Radio hosts many popular talk radio shows. "Planet Money" is one NPR show that mostly concerns economic issues. Diane Rehm hosts a popular NPR show that airs weekday mornings. Her show mostly concerns current events and political affairs. Another NPR show, "On Point with Tom Ashbrook," delves into a potpourri of topics that include books, technology, sports and world affairs.

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