What Are Some Popular Steven Seagal Movies?


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Some popular Steven Seagal movies include “Under Siege,” “Marked for Death” “and “Hard to Kill.” These dramatic action movies rank as some of Seagal’s most notable films.

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Likely Seagal’s most popular film, “Under Siege” stars the martial arts master as Casey Ryback, a former Navy SEAL now serving as a cook on a battleship. When terrorists attempt to hijack the ship, it’s up to Ryback to drive them off. With a supporting cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey, “Under Siege” provides a well-worn mixture of overblown action and half-intentional comedy.

“Marked for Death” finds Seagal in the role of John Hatcher, a retired cop reeling from the death of his partner. Returning to his hometown only to find it embroiled in a vicious drug war, Hatcher must dispatch the members of a ruthless Jamaican gang, including their fearsome leader, Screwface. Car chases, explosions, shootouts and multi-man fistfights make “Marked for Death” a Seagal classic.

In “Hard to Kill,” Seagal plays Mason Storm, an Los Angeles detective who runs afoul of a corrupt political syndicate. Attacked by assassins, Storm wakes up from a coma seven years later seeking revenge. The film co-stars Kelly Le Brock, Seagal’s actual wife at the time, as a nurse who helps Storm escape from the hospital. With satisfying fight scenes and some of Seagal’s most memorable one-liners, “Hard to Kill” is an action classic.

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