What Are Some Popular Southern Gospel Quartets?

The Blackwood Brothers, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Cathedral Quartet, Christian Troubadours and Brian Free and Assurance are some popular southern gospel quartets. A Christian music genre, Southern Gospel groups are generally quartets due to the traditional setup of four men and a piano. The Kingsmen Quartet, the Plainsmen Quartet, The Statesmen Quartet, The Stamps Quartet and The Kingdom Heirs Quartet are some other popular southern gospel quartet.

Nine-time Grammy Award winning southern gospel quartet, The Blackwood Brothers are considered to be the pioneers of Christian music. Formed in 1934, The Blackwood Brothers initially consisted of Roy Blackwood, Doyle Blackwood, James Blackwood and R.W. Blackwood. The members have constantly changed over the years. As of January 2016, it consists of Billy Blackwood, Butch Owens, Mike Hammontree, Michael Helwig and Wayne Little. “I’m Bound For That City,” Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere,” “The Keys To The Kingdom” and “In The Sweet By And By” are some popular albums of The Blackwood Brothers.

Formed in 1964, The Cathedral Quartet had been associated with numerous other groups and artists such as acts Greater Vision, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and Legacy Five. George Younce, George Amon Webster, Mark Trammell, Ernie Haase and Danny Funderburk are some prominent members of the group. The group retired in December 1999. “Land of the Bible,” “A Little Bit of Everything,” “Seniors in Session” and “Our Statue of Liberty” are some popular albums from this group.