What Are the Most Popular Songs on Vevo?


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"Baby," "Blank Space," "Dark Horse," "Roar" and "Shake It Off" are the most popular songs on Vevo, as of August, 2015. Top videos by week, day and of all time are available at Vevo.com. Vevo also shares the top 10 most-watched videos via third-party media outlets such as The Wrap and the Daily Rover.

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Vevo hosts approximately 75,000 new music videos during any given week. Consequently, the top videos and corresponding songs change from day to day, and the list consists of roughly thousands of videos. Vevo arranges the top videos by release date, and the top videos are not necessarily in strict order according to number of views.

For example, "Drag Me Down" and "Bad Blood" by One Direction and Taylor Swift respectively are among the top three videos and songs as of August, 2015. However, "Bad Blood" occupies the third slot and received over 400 million views, whereas "Drag Me Down" is No. 1 but received about 26 million views. "Baby," by Justin Bieber, is the No. 1 song on Vevo of all time, with a total of 1.2 billion views.

External media outlets, such as the Daily Rover, also publish metadata about the top songs on Vevo. An article on DailyRover.com about the top 50 songs on Vevo during the week of March 10, 2015 includes the number of weeks each song remained on the list. This information is not available at Vevo.com.

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