What Are Some Popular Songs by Lady Antebellum?


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Some popular songs by Lady Antebellum are "Need You Now," "Downtown," "Love Don't Live Here," "Just A Kiss" and "American Honey." Some others are "I Run To You," "Lookin' For A Good Time," "Dancin' Away With My Heart" and "We Owned The Night."

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"Need You Now," released in 2010 on the album by the same name won multiple awards and more than six million singles. "Downtown" comes from 2013's "Golden" and quickly became a Platinum-selling number one single. "Love Don't Live Here" was the band's debut single in 2007. It was also included on the 2008 album "Lady Antebellum." "Just A Kiss" was featured on the 2011 album "Own The Night" and quickly reached number one on music charts.

"American Honey" followed the "Need You Now" single from the "Need You Now" album. While it was not quite as successful as the title track, "American Honey" still sold over one million copies. The love ballad "I Run To You" went double-Platinum and topped charts across music genres. "Lookin' For A Good Time" was a chart-topping song released in 2008 and is a fan favorite at live performances. "Dancin' Away With My Heart" is a soft love song that achieved Gold status and earned a top five place on music charts. "We Owned The Night" came out in 2011, showing still more diversity from the band. The single quickly went Gold and reached the top of country music charts.

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