What Are Some of the Most Popular Songs of the 20th Century?


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The 20th century gave rise to many popular and iconic songs, including "Ain't That a Shame" and "Alexander's Ragtime Band." Other classics include "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "Crazy."

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Willie Nelson wrote "Crazy" in 1961, and it was performed by Patsy Cline. Initially, Patsy Cline was not interested in singing a song that had such a slow pace, but her producer convinced her that this song would fit her expressive style and talent. "Back in the Saddle Again" is another popular song, which Ray Whitley wrote to be Gene Autry's theme song. Autry liked the song so much that he made it a part of his regular radio show "Melody Ranch," and he used it as theme music for his television program and countless other personal appearances.

"Blue Moon of Kentucky" is another famous composition from the 20th century. It was written by Bill Monroe, who was considered to be the father of bluegrass music. When he recorded this hit in 1946, the song garnered tremendous attention. Elvis Presley performed "Blue Suede Shoes" in 1956, and it helped solidify both his career and the career of the songwriter Carl Perkins. The song quickly took on a life of its own as it topped all categories of charts.

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