What Are Some Popular Sidney Sheldon Novels?

What Are Some Popular Sidney Sheldon Novels?

"If Tomorrow Comes," The Best Laid Plans" and "The Stars Shine Down" are some popular novels by Sidney Sheldon, states Smashing Lists. Other popular novels by this author include "Tell Me Your Dreams" and "Bloodline."

"If Tomorrow Comes" is about Tracy Whitney, who gets framed and serves a 15-year sentence. However, she fights back against the crime lords who framed her. She uses her beauty and intelligence as the only weapons.

"The Best Laid Plans" is about power-hungry Oliver Russell. He wanted to be the president of the United States. However, Leslie Stewart, a fiancee he had betrayed in the past, plots his downfall. She uses her media empire to destroy him.

"The Stars Shine Down" has a global setting that moves between Rome, London, Reno and New York. A woman comes across everything that she has won including fame, fortune and love. However, the fortune has a power that can destroy her.

"Tell Me Your Dreams" is about three women. They are Ashley Patterson, a computer whiz, Toni Prescott and Alette Peters. Patterson believes she has a stalker; Prescott prefers online dating, while Peters prefers spending her weekends in her man's arms. The women do not know anything about each other, but a murder investigation links them together.

"Bloodline" is about sabotage, greed, danger and betrayal. A wealthy man dies and leaves his business empire under the control of desperate and money-hungry family members. However, his only daughter is intelligent and tries to save the business empire from those who want to sell it.