What Are Some Popular As Seen on TV Products?


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As of 2015, popular As Seen on TV products include the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, the Genie Bra, Flex Seal and the OrGREENic 10-inch Fry Pan. Products in recent years include the Ped Egg, the Pet Rider, the Edge of Glory and Slim Away.

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As of July 2015, the 360 Spin Mop, the Genie Bra, Flex Seal the OrGREENic Fry Pan and the Pet Rider are all available for purchase on Walmart.com. The Ped Egg is also available in a revised, powered version. The Edge of Glory and Slim Away are no longer available for purchase from Walmart, but are available via eBay.com and Amazon.com.

Further examples of As Seen on TV products include Deep Romance (a replica of the blue diamond pendant featured in Titanic), the Aluma Wallet (a condensed, “indestructible aluminum wallet”), the Magic Bullet, the Slice-O-Matic, the Lint Lizard and Sticky Buddy. Over 1500 other products also appear on AsSeenOnTv.com, listed under the following categories: household, kitchen, outdoor, health and beauty, fitness, clothing, electronics toys, novelty, pets, DVD and auto.

AsSeenOnTV.com lists the following products as some of its best sellers: Foot Angel, Magic Mesh, Miracle Grill Mat, Furniture Fix, the Yoshi Grill, ZipSox and the Mighty Blaster.

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