What Are Some Popular Sayings From Vintage Television Shows?


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Classic television sayings and catchphrases include Fred Flintstone's, "Yabba dabba doo," from "The Flintstones," Ed McMahon's, "Here's Johnny," introduction for Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show," anchorman Walter Cronkite's sign off, "And that's the way it is," and "You got some 'splaining to do," from the character Ricky Ricardo on "I Love Lucy." Other popular catchphrases include Spock's, "Live long and prosper," from "Star Trek" and, "Ayyy," as popularized by Fonzie on "Happy Days."

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The sitcom "All in the Family" was popular for its cutting-edge social commentary on subjects ranging from racism to gender equality. The main character, Archie Bunker, had numerous catchphrases including, "Stifle," and "Meathead." Perhaps one of the most popular television catchphrases of all time, "What you talkin' about, Willis?" comes from the show "Diff'rent Strokes" and was spoken by the character Arnold Drummond. One of the most popular science fiction television series of all time "Star Trek" spawned a number of popular phrases and sayings including, "Space, the final frontier," as spoken by Captain Kirk, and "Resistance is futile," and "Make it so" as spoken by Picard.

Several classic television catchphrases and quotes originated on game shows. These include, "Come on down," originally spoken by Johnny Olsen on "The Price is Right" and Bob Eubanks' popular phrase, "Making whoopie," from "The Newlywed Game."

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