Who Are Some Popular Radio Station Personalities in the United States?


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Some popular radio station personalities in the United States include Ira Glass, Dr. Laura and Terry Gross. Another popular radio station personality, Dave Ramsey, coaches his listeners on a variety of financial issues.

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Ira Glass hosts the show "This American Life," which airs on public radio. More than two million people listen to the show weekly through approximately 580 syndicated channels, as of 2015. Similarly, radio personality Dr. Laura hosts "The Dr. Laura Program" that once boasted more than 450 stations in syndication.

Terry Gross hosts "Fresh Air," a show that reaches more than four million people each week. Gross has more than 35 years of broadcasting experience. Her show explores the areas of culture, entertainment and the arts.

Similarly, Dave Ramsey boasts a weekly audience of eight million. Most of his topics help his audience find ways to get out of debt. He hates debt collectors and encourages his audience to ignore calls from people trying to collect a debt. Ramsey is also the author of four best-selling books, also about financial issues. Ramsey discusses finances from a spiritual perspective.

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