What Are Some Popular Poems About Heaven?

What Are Some Popular Poems About Heaven?

Some popular poems about heaven include Emily Dickinson's "I Went to Heaven," "Going to Heaven!" and "Except the Heaven Had Come So Near" and Stephen Crane's "In Heaven." While Dickinson grapples with her own chances of getting to heaven, Crane takes the simplistic approach that God rewards humility.

At times, Emily Dickinson writes of heaven with a joyful expectation, while at other times, she seems to struggle with the likelihood she will go. In "I Went to Heaven, " she likens it to "a small town" where everything is soft and exquisite, as "beautiful as pictures no man drew." She speaks of the "unique Society" present there, almost as if she does not feel that she belongs.

A feeling of excitement exists in the poem "Going to Heaven!" Dickinson's tone is one of humility as she speaks of her astonishment at going that is so great that she dare not talk about it. Yet she does not seem to be in any real hurry to get there, desiring to spend a little more time on earth despite the fact she has loved ones she anticipates seeing in heaven.

In "Except the Heaven Had Come So Near," Dickinson seems to feel that she has somehow missed the opportunity to get to heaven. She regrets this chance even more because she came so close.

"In Heaven," by Stephen Crane, tells the story of several blades of grass standing before God. He asks them, "What did you do?" All but one boast of their deeds, the last admitting that if he did anything good, he does not remember it. God praises him as the best.