What Are Some Popular Poems About Grandmothers?

Some popular poems about grandmothers are: "The Generations of Men" by Robert Frost, "Grandma's wings" by Ricky R. Hernandez and "Sestina" by Elizabeth Bishop. A majority of the poems on grandmothers are varied. Some express love for the grandmother while others convey grief for a departed one.

"The Generations of Men" is about a family tree of the "Stark" family. Its author, Robert Frost (1874 -1963), is a famous poet who was born in San Francisco, California, to William Frost and Isabelle Moody. He wrote many poems in his lifetime and was influenced by English poets such as Rupert Brooke.

The poem "Grandma's Wings" by Ricky R. Hernandez had its first publication in February 2006. It pictures a grandmother as an angel. It goes into details about a grandmother's wings and asks where they are. The author depicts grandmothers as being such special people that they have wings like angels.

Another poem for grandmothers is "Sestina" by Elizabeth Bishop. The poem is about a grandmother who is busy reading jokes from an almanac while making tea in a teapot, with a child who is beside her watching the teakettle and making a drawing. It happens to be raining on that day, and the grandmother also claims that it is chilly. The author Elizabeth Bishop has also written other poems such as "One Art" and "The Fish."

Examples of poems that express grief for a departed grandmother are "Legacy of Love" and "We had a Wonderful Grandmother," both by unknown authors.