What Are Some Popular Poems for Children?


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Examples of famous poems for children include "Paul Bunyan" by Shel Silverstein, "The Tyger" by William Blake and "Friends" by Abby Farwell Brown. Other examples are "Teddy Bear" by A.A. Milne and "The Mountain and the Squirrel" by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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"Paul Bunyan" by Shel Silverstein was published in his poetry collection for children, "Where the Sidewalk Ends." This book was first published in 1974. Paul Bunyan is a figure in American folklore, known for being a man of epic proportions and strength who liked to chop wood. Silverstein's poem describes him as a man that weighs 500 pounds and is 9 feet tall.

"The Tyger" by William Blake is a metaphorical poem about creation and how good and evil exist in the world together. As a young man, Blake was an apprentice to an engraver. This served as a source of inspiration for his poetry later in life.

"Friends" by Abby Farwell Brown is a poem about how elements of nature provide comfort in times of need. Brown was an American author who wrote in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Besides writing poetry, she also created the newspaper The Jabberwock, which is still in publication, as of 2015.

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