What Are Some Popular Pinoy Bold Movies?


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Some popular Pinoy bold movies are "Ang Magsasaging ni Pacing," "Room 69," "Anakan Mo Ako," "Itlog" and "Talong." Filipino erotic films are called "bold" or "bomba" movies and Pinoy means "Filipino."

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"Ang Magsasaging ni Pacing," or Pacing's Banana Vendor, is about an attractive young woman who sells bananas. "Room 69" is about the lives of prostitutes living in a brothel called Room 69. "Anakan Mo Ako," or Impregnate Me, tells the story of a tribeswoman's struggle to flee from her sex-crazed husband. "Itlog," or Egg, is about an ex-con who works at a duck farm and covets his boss's young daughter-in-law. "Talong," or Eggplant, is a gender-reversed Cinderella story about a female artist who falls for an eggplant farmer and uses an eggplant he leaves behind to find him.

Filipino bold movies generally have cheeky titles, flimsy plots and shoestring budgets. Their major selling points were female nudity and sex scenes. The genre was popular in the 1970s through to the 1990s and served as distractions from the socio-political unrest, violence and poverty of the time, especially during the corrupt Marcos era. However, some bold films were considered social commentary, achieving critical acclaim and international cult status such as the 1984 film, Boatman, which tells the tragic story of a couple who performed sex shows for a living and the 1985 film, Silip: Daughters of Eve, the story of two small town sisters torn between the town's fanatic religiosity and giving in to sexual desire.

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